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Empowering communities to protect their health and environment through the sustainable use of water resources.


The Living Earth Institute (LEI) is a Seattle-based non-profit 501(3)(c) organization founded in 1999 to aid international communities in developing sustainable water resources. Our primary focus is the development of water supply and sanitation projects; however, through experience, we know that in order to make these projects sustainable, we must take a holistic approach. This means that we work with the community to implement income generation training, micro-lending programs, literacy classes, hygiene education, and other programs to meet community-defined needs.



The Living Earth Institute still thrives as a small, yet powerful international NGO where many people have provided financial support to the organized communities making changes in sustainable development. And although on the surface you find many clean water taps that did not exist before and you notice a thousand or so new composting toilets, the value of the work we do goes much deeper. The value has been measured through health studies that demonstrated what we predicted- health of all, and children especially, would improve and mortality would decrease; and that more children, particularly girls, would go to and stay in school. While these are not small things, the real value is tangible but not easily measured: woman who runs her own small business is transformed, the veil that covered her face moves aside, her children see her as a strong and engaged member of her community. This is the real value enabled by the donations from you.

LEI has also grown to fill a unique niche in the Seattle community: we are entirely volunteer run- this means people who live and work in the Seattle area and want to participate intimately in international work can pursue their interest and make a big difference; and we are cultivating more LEI volunteers who have immigrated to the United States and want to take on leadership roles for projects in their home country.

I am pleased to provide the 2013 Living Earth Institute annual report. Thank you for being part of the community changing lives in very positive ways.

Pam Elardo, P.E.
Living Earth Institute

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Gift a composting toilet for a family in Nepal
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It is well known that without sanitation, there is no clean water. This card is a gift with more impact than any other, and you can purchase in honor of loved ones this holiday season. Your donation to LEI of $100 or more will provide a family the health benefits that come from sustainable sanitation. Click the "make a DONATION" button below, and then note "toilet card" with the name and address of the gift recipient and we will send the "toilet pop-up" card along.
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